Lucid Dreaming Herbal Cigarette

This tobacco-free cigarette will aid you in your quest for lucid dreaming and help you to learn more from God in the higher form we take in sleep.

Remember, If you don’t have the spirit of God with you, you can enter dangerous territory.

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The rose mixture can be found on Amazon.

Rolling papers can be found at your local smoke shop.

Lucid dreaming means you have full awareness of your dreams and with practice can control the events in them. Certain herbs have been known to aid us with this especially mugwort, the most important ingredient in this cigarette for lucid dreams. Of course, without an intentional effort to stay conscious in your dream, you can not achieve this. Though, you will have a noticeable difference in your dreams regardless. You can learn more about lucid dreaming here. It’s important to get information from multiple sources and ask God for His discernment whenever we are researching anything.

I’m sharing this information so that we as a planet can come to further realize the benefits of plants in all their different forms of consumption and/or use.

Thank you so much for reading and God bless you and your families.