7 Teas For Quick And Easy Stress Relief

Teas are one of the longest used and most highly regarded forms of medicine in the world. From China to India, to England and the Americas, tea has become an essential part of everyday life for a great majority of people. There are hundreds of different drinkable herbs and a common benefit that we receive from these herbs is stress relief.
Since stress is such a huge part of the human experience, we often look for ways to alleviate our stresses outside of prayer. While prayer is the most important and only true stress reliever, these 7 teas will help balance out your body’s natural flow, which often gets disrupted due to our lifestyles and is one of the major causes of anxiety.


Not all teas that help you relax will make you fall asleep. There are some herbs that can be used in the morning as a caffeine-free pick me up or mixed with your favorite breakfast blend to combat caffeine related anxiety.

  1. Chrysanthemum– This wonder flower will lower your blood pressure and speed up your metabolism. It has long been used as a remedy for tired eyes and it’s ability to clear your thinking make chrysanthemum the perfect caffeine-free morning beverage.
  2. Jasmine– The scent of jasmine has been known to immediately calm a person. Jasmine is usually mixed with either green or black tea which makes it the perfect morning enhancement beverage. The jasmine flower can be used alone for a caffeine-free tea, but the scent will stick better to another type of tea leaf.
  3. Ginger & Tumeric– Ginger is a natural stimulant and will perk you up almost instantly and is great for your stomach. Tumeric is great for your digestive system as well and combined with ginger, makes the perfect morning or mid-morning drink.


  1. Rose- One of the world’s most popular flowers, the rose petal will produce a calming effect, a feeling of peace and serenity within yourself. Be careful not to drink too much as it can have a sedative effect in large doses. With one or two cups, however, you will notice a lift in your spirits. This is why the rose has been called a “mood enhancer”.
  2. Echinacea– Supports immune function and relaxes your body without making you tired, which makes it perfect for a mid-day tea to keep yourself from getting drained in the afternoon.


  1. Lavender– Lavender is one of the world’s most widely used herbs for combating anxiety and depression. Its scent alone can calm you instantly and greatly reduce any stress you may be feeling. It’s also a powerful sleep aid which is why I would recommend drinking before bed. Especially if you have trouble sleeping due to stress and/or anxiety.
  2. Chamomile– Widely known and utilized as a sleeping aid, chamomile can calm you down and produce floaty-dream-like feelings that will help you fall asleep and melt any stress away from the day. Combine with lavender for the ultimate bed-time tea.

God created these wonderful herbs for us and you will notice an improvement in your life once you start taking simple steps toward a more natural lifestyle. I would like to now thank the LORD for providing me with this knowledge and allowing me to share it in a way that I truly enjoy and I hope you, the reader, has too! Amen and God bless you.