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Planetary Times Astrology: Manifestation Technique

Astrology is a popular practice, but the mainstream take on it is a bit misconstrued and misleading. Most “horoscopes” are based on your sun sign only and never even mention the planets aside from the occasional “Mercury is in Retrograde” or “Full Moon”. At its core and most basic level, however, your personal astrological chart is heavily influenced by the planets all the time. There are definitely ways the stars and planets affect us neurologically, emotionally, physically, etc. Even the ocean is moved by the moon. Each planet or constellation has its own attributes and qualities that it shares with us during its influence.

For instance, Venus is the feminine ruling planet while Mars rules over the male aspects of life. The sun can harness both masculine and feminine energies. All of these factors are simultaneoudesert1sly working together to influence the way our lives are lived, the actions we take, our moods, and our ambitions. If we pay attention, we can better plan for certain times, seasons, etc and maximize our ability to manifest our intentions.

Think about the goal you want to achieve and then plan to put in the footwork for that goal in an hour/day where the ruling planets that have qualities relative to your goal are prevalent. For example, if you have a job interview, you might want to schedule it for a day/hour combination like
achievement         Wealth
advancement         Blessing
decisions           Abundance
success             New beginnings
self-confidence     Blessing
recognition         Opportunity

*this is only an example there are so many other combinations that can be used*

It’s also helpful for when a meaningful event happens in your life, you can look back and see the day/hour rulers and the synchronicities. The ruling planet also varies depending on your location so no two places will have the exact same functions or qualities at a certain time. This can make it hard to keep track of which planet is ruling which day/hour since it changes with your geographic location. I have no idea how people did this 100’s of years ago, or even were able to find out this information. Luckily today, there is an app that can track your location/time zone and tell you what planet is ruling the day and hour. Plus it gives you access to a birth chart where you can track attributes based on yours or someone else’s birth info (place, date, time).moonnnn

I use the app Planetary Times to basically track everything for me. Seriously, this app is crazy intricate and will help you learn so much about yourself and your environment. It is key to my journey of learning about planetary times. For the iPhone, a similar app called Hours can be used.

This method of astrology is one of the first things mentioned by Solomon in “The Key of Solomon”. Coming directly after the acknowledgement of God (ADONAI) and His presence and hand in all things as our supreme creator.

“key of Solomon” Chart for tracking planetary hours

As long as we are aware of our ultimate inability to control most of reality, and release the desire to be in full control, giving that glory to God, we can learn to focus on the things we can control and to use every resource we have to exceed the expectations of ourselves and others.

This knowledge gives us the tools to plan important things in the most opportune times and to manifest at our full potential!